Designed the serif typeface called Fragile. The entire set took about 2 months. At 10 hours a day, that adds up to about 34,560 minutes!

Grew up eating mangoes in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, teeming with 19 million people.

An ardent student of Kathak, a 2000 year old classical North-Indian dance with complex rhythms, percussion, mathematics, and storytelling.

The number of years she has been driving. Zero intention to change this!

Rusha Sopariwala

Rusha (roo•sha) is a curious designer and a bold explorer currently living in wicked Boston. Rusha has crafted clear and compelling communications for businesses and non-profit clients, leading all phases of the design process – strategic direction, conceptual design exploration, brainstorming, creative execution and storytelling. She strongly believes in meaningful engagement and is collaborating with a start-up in the clean energy space to accelerate the adoption and accessibility of these technologies.

She is constantly looking for new opportunities to leverage design, systems thinking, and culture to attain a deeper understanding of human behavior. In this endeavor, she loves exploring different environments and getting lost in strange cities. Warmer cities preferred!


Cultural observations, Bombay vs. Boston, optimism and idealism, food fanaticism, strong opinions, fascination with people, technology and environment, delightful surprises and absolute disbelief.

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

the feeling of inconsequential is humbling. try floating in the ambiguity. sometimes you need the white noise, larger than life structures, and bold perspectives to find your voice, to shape your story, to build your courage. and reflect. . . . . .

Posted on Jan 9, 2018

i love the feel of paint on my hands and paint on my pants! the rich pigment, the texture, the consistency, the vibrant colors bottled up in containers whose lids are hard to open... it all makes my heart melt. . . . . .

Posted on Jan 6, 2018

no. i am not sorry. aata maajhi satakli. it’s -29c/-20f with wind chill on this cold, sleepless, dull night and i am missing bombay. what would i do to be home right now... the warmth of home cooked meals lovingly prepared by my mom or eating mouth watering food at one of zillion restaurants in mumbai or just stepping out of the house and going places without wearing my entire closet. what i miss the most right now is my freedom. freedom of movement, of breathing fresh air, of looking up and walking. . . . . . ig_mumbai

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Gold teeth’s jerk center: the family enjoying barrel chicken cooked by a guy in shiny shirt and super dark glasses, conch soup cooked in huge aluminum pots on wood 🔥 and fish steamed with hot peppers and kalalu. . . . . .

Posted on Dec 13, 2017

a bit of sunshine, color and imagination we all need in our lives... right about now! a beautiful juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage. just like my toddler and i exploring this world... opening my mind and perspective! . . . . .

Posted on Nov 29, 2017

somewhere in kingston, jamaica. i am lucky i get to see the real, beautiful, gritty, raw jamaica. not only the blue water and white sand that is advertised and what most tourist would see. of course, there is a lot of that too and i love it all! but i am not a typical tourist either :) . . . . . ília


Thanks for checking out my work. I design for screen, paper and space and I am passionate about design for good. Drop me a line to let me know how I can help you or just to say hi.

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